7 Comics Tagged "KPU12.SCHAA"

sad stick figure on left, happy stick figure on right

Before/After Taking This Course

I am glad I took this course since I learned a lot about mind and behaviour in such a short period of time. The Get Cape project also…

stick figure holding a bowl

Epic Research Fail

I was in charge of cooking dinner for my family. But when following the recipe, I accidentally skipped some steps. The food still came out good, but I…

stick figure saying \

Faulty Memory

This comic shows a drawing of me saying “oops” since I left the door wide open when I went out with my friends. My parents came home with…

stick figure dreaming about being late for a test


In this comic, I had a dream about being late for my midterm. I woke up very early since I was too worried about missing my midterm.

Car going to Vancouver instead of Langley

Epic Research Fail

My boyfriend and I were driving home from the beach. I gave him the wrong directions so we ended up almost going to Vancouver instead of Langley.

stick figure holding broken mirror


This picture shows a person breaking a mirror which means they will receive 7 years of bad luck.

stick figure making food


In this picture, I made my family food while they were at work, so they had food ready when they came home.