7 Comics Tagged "KPU12.KIRSI"

A stick figure lying on the pillow and tears in his eyes, and a clock indicating 3am


One day I went to sleep and suddenly, around 3 o clock in the morning, I started crying out loud in my sleep but still did not have…

A stick figure picking up a bank credit card and another old stick figure walking with a stick

My hero’s story

An old woman was walking with a stick did not realize that she dropped her credit card on the floor, so I picked it up and walked behind…

An unconfident stick figure indicating a happy and confident stick figure

Before/after this taking the course

Before taking this class, I did not have enough confidence in myself to be able to become something in life. However, after taking Psych 1100 with Dr. Jessica,…

A calendar with the 17th date crossed and 9th ticked, also a phone indicating the hospital

Faulty memory

I was sure that my doctor’s appointment was on the 17th of February, but I got a call from the hospital to ask me why I did not…

A person slipping on a banana peel

Epic research fail

This person was trying to walk and show himself off, but he ended up falling on the floor when he slipped on a banana peel and got hurt…

Whenever someone sneezes it means that another person is missing them or talking about them.

Myths about humans

An emoji with a tissue on the nose which represents a person sneezing.

Surprise cake


My friends surprised me with my favourite cake and decorations at my workplace