7 Comics Tagged "KPU12.JOVAD"

two stick figures one is a bit confused and the other is happy.


before the class, I thought that it was going to be boring and dull, after doing the get cape project I really enjoyed it.

In this comic, A stick figure is moving a big box onto a shopping cart.

My hero’s story !

In this comic I was at Costco when i saw an elderly woman trying to put a big item on to her shopping cart and offered to help.

An unbuilt ikea shelf is spread out on the ground.


I was building an ikea shelf and as I got to the end I realized I was missing a piece.

Two stick figures in a car that has GPS.


I was going on a road trip with my friend and he put the wrong address into the GPS

A stick figure sleeping on a bed with a thought bubble above with 2 people and a puppy.


I always dream about getting a puppy.

Man is walking towards ladder


Walking under a ladder is bad luck.

two cars in a drive thru as some one ahead of me payed for my meal


someone payed for my lunch in the drive thru