6 Comics Tagged "KPU12.GAGAG"

The stickfigure shows how stressed I was before starting the course \

Before/After this taking this course

In the comic two stick figure person shows the difference before and after taking the Introduction to psyc course.

The stick figure shows me got happy and excited after submitting my assignment in time which I was trying to finish from last couple days but i could not do that till the last date of deadline of submission. My friend helped to do the APA citation properly and I was able to finish my assignment and submitted.

Just In Time

The stick figure shows an excited person working on the laptop and two thought bubbles.

The stick figure represents with sad face and loose arms because one time my phone broken due to which I could not go for my appointment and it got missed. I was facing problem in waking up in the morning without alarm. I could not contact people because the contact numbers were saved in my phone and could not recall them.

Stuff Happens!!!

The stick figure shows a sad person, a broken phone and the thoughts and consequences due to the phone in the bubbles.

The stick figure shows I am sleeping on my bed and there is a flipped shoe kept by the side of the bed because when I was little and was used to have horror nightmares. To calm me down and put to peaceful sleep my grand mother put upside down shoe beside my bed pole on my side and told me that now I will not bad dreams.

Myth about Humans

The stick figure shows a person laying down with a flipped shoe kept by the headboard.

Due to my work and exams anxiety, I could not rest enough and had sleep deprivation which affected my vision. While I was driving to work one day, everything looked blurry, and my eyes were getting close.


The stick figure shows a sleepy person driving a car whose vision is not very clear either.

In the stick figure there are two best friends, I am holding resume in my hand which I created for my friend because she herself is so lazy to make one but she was always used to complain about her current job. So she used the resume to apply for job applications and she got new job now with many benefits and higher ages.

My Hero’s Story

Two best friends standing next to each other and one has curriculum vitae in her hand for her friend to use for a new job application.