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A grumpy person that turns into happy person

Before/After This Taking This Course

Before taking this course, I am very grumpy and lazy especially the class is every morning. But after taking this course, I became a jolly and active person.

Two girls arguing the right way to Toilet

Faulty Memory

I was on a vacation with my sister and suddenly need to go to Toilet. I was telling her that it was on the right side but my…

A computer showing a happy person

Just In Time

Whenever I am not busy, I do video call my friends in the Philippines. One time, I called my friend and it turns out she is having a…

A girl cooking

Missing Data

I was ready to cook a dinner but when then I noticed that I have no garlic and onion. Because of that, I have to stop cooking and…

A girl still sleeping and a wall clock


I did not experienced major problems when I slept late. But there this was one time when I sleep late, I also became late for my work that…

A girl cooking.

Epic Research Fail

Whenever I cooked, I always check for the recipe online. One evening, I decided to cooked a local food for me and my sister. As I was about…

bull charging at red flag

myth about humans

As a kid i used to believe that bulls would charge at red flags as that engaged them, but as I found out in science class that is…

A person with a piece of paper in her forehead.

Myth about humans

In my country, if the baby have have hiccups, they should put a little piece of paper in the forehead so the hiccups will be gone forever.