4 Comics Tagged "CAP.SARAD"

A person on the left holding a phone showing text messages. Then on the left, later that month, the person is holding a phone bill, that says $589.

Stuff Happpens

Back in high school, my boyfriend at the time went back to his home country in Europe. To still be able to talk to each other for free,…

On the left, I am taking a shower while sleeping. Then, on the right, it is me asleep in bed while dripping in water.


When I was younger, I used to sleep walk all the time and to make it worst, I’m also the heaviest sleeper. In one instance, I took a…

To the left of the image, a person is sitting on the ground and somebody jumps over that person. To the right, it is a short person surrounded by tall peopl.

Myth About Humans

When I was younger, I was told that when somebody walks over you or jumps over you, it stunts your growth. Apparently, that is why I’m short now….

A person handing somebody else who is crying, a container of curly fries


I had to go back home and fly to the other side of the world when my grandma died. A person that I haven’t spoken to or seen…