7 Comics Tagged "CAP.ALIAL"

Alarms and a door

Just in time

During some of early morning zoom calls.I ended up snoozing or turning off all my alarms as they went off. Luckily my mom noticed I wasn’t awake per…

A phone with reminders and shifts

faulty memory

I had a shift the next day but didn’t know until my manager sent me a message before I went to bed saying it was cancelled. I was…

A figure being confused

Missing data

I had work and school to go to and I remember putting my keys in my usual spot and they weren’t there. I ended up searching for 10…

Before and after of a figure, the left side being a bit confused and the right side having a light bulb moment


At the start I was kind of intimidated with being in groups and having a class online. It ended being better then expected I found being in groups…

A locker that has food and a Starbucks drink

My hero’s story

A couple weeks ago my friend woke up late for work and she didn’t have any time to eat. During her shift she gave me a text on…

Different sections of how I\'m preparing for change ex. setting alarms and reminders. Finding a book to read. A figure organizing her space to feel ready.

STEP #2 -Get Cape: Preparing For Change

In this photo you have different scenes on how I’m getting ready for change . First I stayed after class with professor J to ask questions and confirm…

When someone bought Starbucks for me and it made my day because I was having a rough day