6 Comics Tagged "CAP.ABIGC"

Girl laying in a bed with a scared expression on her face hiding under the sheets. Ghosts and monsters are coming out from under her bed


When I was a little girl, I used to get nightmares all the time and i thought that there were monsters under my bed. Sometimes even when I…

A stick person laying in bed with a smiling. A though bubble of another stick person and a clock that says 2am

Before/after taking this course

At the start of this semester/this course. I would often stay up super late worrying about getting my work done and just because I could not fall asleep….

Stick person with long hair holding a cookie and looking shocked. More cookie on the table in front of the stick person

Missing Data

In this omic, I am holding a very flat cookie, after taking them out of the oven I realized that I did not use backing powder so the…

A purse, bandaids, a chocolate chip cookie and a water bottle

My hero’s story

In all of my friend groups I am known as the “mom” of the group. This is because I always am prepared with bandaids and snacks in my…


myth about humans

When I was younger my grandparents used to tell me that my ears would fall off if I looked at the moon for too long. I would always…



A volleyball team collecting cans of food for a family that needs support.