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Stick figure person looking confused and stressed before the course, but happy and satisfied after the course.

Before/After Taking This Course

Before taking this course, I used to be confused and stressed because this was my first semester in college. I wondered about how I would make friends and…

Stick figure person trying to douse a fire in the kitchen.

My hero’s story

One day, I was cooking in my kitchen when suddenly something started burning and fire broke out. I quickly got a glass of water and doused the fire.

Stick figure person trying to bake a cake while looking at the recipe.

Missing Data

One day, I wanted to bake a cake so, I looked up cake recipes and wrote down the steps. While baking the cake, I noticed that my recipe…

stick figure person lying on the bed a night before exam.


Once I had an important exam and because of that, I couldn’t get proper sleep. This was because I was very stressed about the exam and so I…

Stick figure person researching for an assignment on the computer that is due soon. Later on, failed the assignment because of wrong research.

Epic Research Fail

Once I had an assignment that I didn’t complete on time due to some family issues. I had to research for it on the very last day in…

stick figure person is worried because they accidentally swallowed a chewing gum which according to a myth presented on the TV means that if someone swallows a chewing gum it will stay in their stomach for seven years.

Myths about Humans

One day, I accidentally swallowed a chewing gum and got worriedwhich according to a popular myth means that it would stay in my stomach for 7 years.

stick figure person standing in the kitchen was gifted self help books for becoming a chef.


One of my cousins decided to get training on becoming a chef and I anonymously gifted her a recipe and a few self help books.