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a stick figure happy shown as the before. Stick figure exhausted shown in the after.


In my comic, Before me is happy and naive. After is shown as exhausted because I learned that it is quite difficult to accomplish all my goals with…

A black cat

Myth about Humans

A black cat is walking. In my community a black cat is considered bad luck.

Stick figure sitting in front of the tv confused playing with the remote

Missing data

I had confused eastern time and pacific time the movie was supposed to start at 6 pm eastern time so 3 pm pacific and when I turned on…

Stick figure handing a child money.

My Hero story

At the Cloverdale rodeo, I saw a child drop a $50 dollar bill and walked away I rushed towards it and I chased the little boy down until…

I am shown sleeping in the tub as the bubbles rises.


I struggle with restless leg syndrome and insomia causing me to go days without sleep. One time I was so exhasusted during midterms I decided to take a…

I am explaining to my mom that the movie started at 6pm however it was not playing on the tv.

Epic Research Fail

I confused Eastern and Pacific time together the movie channel we watch on is pacific time so we should have watched at 3pm. When we turned on the…