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Theres a sad circle and a happy circle that is smiling the sad circle has his arms down and looks upset while the happy circle is smiling theres an arrow between the two suggesting that the sad one has turned happy

Before and After

I wasn’t sure if I should take this class before I started it. But I soon realized how much I would enjoy this class. I came in with…

Theres a computer monitor that seems to be sick and not feeling well

Stuff happens

One day my computer stopped working while doing my work and I got really sad cause I missed out on the work marks so I was sad but…

A guy is sitting on a chair and falling asleep slouched over his eyes look very tired and he is holding a phone in his hand


I hadnt been sleeping well, ive always had trouble with falling asleep. This day I was especially exhausted I fell asleep on my couch in just a few…

Theres a man that doesnt look happy at all while hes driving in his car he has a frown on his face and his eyes look tired

Missing information

One day i was driving to a bank appointment that I was already late for, about halfway I reached for my pocket and it was empty. I had…

There\'s a guy passed out on the ground and another man that is frantically running to him while alerting someone on the phone

just in time

One day i was just about to walk outside when I noticed a man was asking for help. He was pussyfooting around when he randomly fell over luckily…

There is a guy that is giving his pizza to another man that is sitting on the floor, the man is thanking him for the pizza while the person giving says no problem.

My Hero’s Story

In this comic i was outside with one of my friends, we had just bought some pizza and were walking out while we had it in our hands….