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Comic divided into two sides: Before ~ Stick figure at an unorganized table, working on the computer annoyed and tired. Thought bubble reads - “I have to finish that and do that… oh and that too”. After ~ Stick figure at an organized table, working on the computer. The stick figure is happier than before, beside the stick figure, there are some notes and a To-Do List. Thought bubble reads - “Ok almost… Done. Break time!”

Before/After Taking This Course

Before this course, whenever I tried to make a plan or something, it usually never works or it just does not go well, which was also the case…

Right: Stick figure stressed out. Left: There is a piece of paper and above it, it says “Missing”.

Faulty Memory

This happened last term, where I had made a few notes/ideas for a project, which was for the final project for the course before the final exam. I…

There are two stick figures. One of the stick figures points to the right and says \

My Hero’s Story

This happened in 2021, in high school. During break, I was waiting for my friend to come out on her break. During that time a person (I think…

There are three question marks above the stick figure. The stick figure looks confused and lost.

Missing Data

In this comic you can see that there is a stick figure standing confused and lost. At this moment I can’t really think of / remember a specific…

There is a stick figure laying on a bed waking up and screaming from a nightmare.


When I was younger, I would watch horror movies (which are mostly at night). One time, I watched a horror movie and I had a really bad nightmare…

There are four stick figures in front of the movie theatre leaving after hearing that the movie they came to watch is not playing anymore. The two stick figures in the middle are sad/upset.

Epic Research Fail

I can’t really remember an Epic Research Fail under these circumstances where I had read the directions wrong or had misread a recipe or something, but I do…

A stick figure is inside a house and is surprised by the opened umbrella.

Myth About Humans

In general, I have heard from other people that opening an umbrella inside a house brings bad luck, just like breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder.

Stick figure person is holding the door for another stick figure person.


When I am out at a store or when I am entering or leaving a building in general (that does not have an automated door), I usually try…