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A stick figure holding an alarm clock.

Just in tme

I just forgot that I had an appointment with my doctor one day and I fall asleep. But, luckily I had set an alarm set to remind me…

Two persons, one with brain power 100% and another with brain power 0%.

Before and after this course.

I feel that before and after taking this course my brain power have increase from 0% to 100% as there were really a lot of valuable and knowledgeable…

Me and my friend trying barbecue first time

Epic research fail

In this comic me and my friend tried to do barbecue in our backyard for the first time and we ended up burning the entire dish.

A person seeing fire in his dreams.

Seeing fire in dreams

It is myth that if a person see fire in his his dreams then his bad luck has started.

Me asking for help


I was stuck in the middle of a road with my punchured car. I asked for help and surprisingly an anonymous person helped me in changing the tyre…

lost wallet


I found a lost wallet so i used the documents inside the wallet to find the owner and returned it to him .