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The stick figure person feeling sad and depressed after waking up in the morning.


I am feeling sad and stressed after waking up in the morning because I realized that I had missed my two important assignments that were due last night…

The stick figure person showing the happy face while studying.


I am studying my biology chapter for the next day’s test but when I reached my school I realized that I had learned the wrong chapter. At that…

The stick figure person showing a sad face because of lack of sleep and there is a night scene beside the figure.


I am not able to sleep that night because of annual celebration in my school the next day as I got the responsibility for some of the events…

The stick figure person shows the two faces one with feeling depressed and sadness before taking this course and other feeling happy and relaxed after completing this course.


Before taking this course I felt that this course was going to be too hard for me as I don’t know what to do and how to do…

Doing crossword puzzles improves memory

Myth About Humans

It is actually an extremely popular myth that doing crossword puzzles improves memory but the fact is that there is no benefit other than making you an expert…

Helping hand


In this picture, I helped the blind old women who was standing beside the road for crossing.