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Two pictures, the picture on the right is a person sitting on a chair hand on his head being stressed with the work he has to do on his computer with paper flying everywhere and a little circle above his head indicating he is mad and the picture on the left is a relax person sitting on his chair not being stressed doing his work on his computer


Before taking this class I thought it would be somewhat similar like the class I took in highschool but that is completely not true this course taught me…

A stick figure and inside the stomach there is a lemon and on the right side beside him is a lemon as well

Myth About Humans

My mom used to always say when I need a lemon seed I will have a lemon growing inside of me when I was a kid I actually…

picture of a phone with apps and on the bottom right there is a question mark

Missing data

I was supposed to do a project on my phone for a class last semester and the one app I needed to present was missing and I couldn’t…

Person sitting on his chair while being very sleepy while the computer is right in front of him.


I used to always go to sleep very late with me doing homework or playing games and always the next day I am always sleepy while in class…

I have a picture of a stick figure sleeping in his bed happy with a clock on the top right corner on 9 and on the top left corner having a number with 7+ meaning I would be sleeping for more than 7 hours everyday for

Get Cape

I decided to draw this because this is what I will be trying to do for my practice which is sleeping no later than 9 or a little…

I was just walking from the mall and decided to hold the door for someone

Holding door