6 Comics Tagged "KPU12.ASHND"

In the image above there is an individual who is speaking and showing more expressions on the right. On the left the individual is standing quietly.

Before/After taking this course

Before taking this course, I was the type of person to keep my emotions in more the most part. After taking this course, personally, I see self-growth specifically…

The stick figure, me, is sleeping in bed and there is a dream bubble about and in the dream bubble there is the ghost, The Nun.


I am in bed dreaming about the ghost, which Is to me is the scariest, The Nun, based on the movie. Her face terrifies me and sometimes when…

The stick figure, me, is holding my phone on WhatsApp

Missing Data

I am holding my phone and have noticed that all my data was not backed up from WhatsApp when I switched phones and there was no way to…

The stick figure, me, is on the phone with the police. There is a dog standing alone next to a tree.

My Hero’s Story

In the comic, I am on the phone with the police reporting a lost puppy as it was alone and looked lost so I followed it until the…

The stick figure, me, in the car is on the phone with my mom. On the other side there is my mom standing in the washroom on the phone with me. In the washroom there is a plugged hair straightner

Faulty Memory

I have left my house and am driving to school and suddenly get a call from my mom. My mom, on the phone, tells me that she is…

Coming out of the parking lot and not being able to find my car

Epic Research Fail

There was a time when my friend and I went to Metrotown and the underground parking lot is huge. It took us 20 minutes to find our car.