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There a two sides. The one of the left has \'before\' at the top with a person below showing a thought bubble and question mark inside. On the right it says \'after\' at the top with a person below and a thought bubble that has a lightbulb


Before I didn’t what I was in for. My major is Early Childhood Care and Education and Psychology was a question mark to me. After being in this…

a person on the side of the word is giving directions to someone sitting in a car

hero style

One day I was walking on the side of the road and someone pulled up in a car next to me. I was startled at first until they…

person standing under ladder

myth about humans

A person standing under a ladder that is leaning against a wall

double-headed sea serpent


An anonymous person contacted someone I know to submit a proposal for an art design contest. I was to submit my pieces anonymously and the community voted on…