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It was a time when I just started learning cooking and baking. So it was trying to surprise my dad with a cake on his birthday. While preparing it, I just forget the order in which I was supposed to put things. I tried to look after it in my notes but I had already made a mess. In the end I was just wondering whether to make it or just throw it away!


The above stick figure is very confused and just does not know what to do next and how?!

The place where I came from is very religious and believes in many things whether right or wrong. So it is a very strong belief that if we are going somewhere and a cat cuts our way then something very terrible is gonna happen to us and to avoid it, we must stay there and let someone else pass through that way so that our punishment gets shifted to him! So basically cats are believed to be unlucky.


In the above stick figure, a cat is passing through a person and that person is very scared and feels to be in a trouble now.

When I was young, I made a group of friends who tried to me into drugs and alcohol. At that time, I found it very adventures and was so excited to try out new stuff. But my parents noticed changes in my behavior and confronted my regarding the same. I tried to hide things from them but I was very close to by grandfather. So i talked to him regarding the same and I was expecting he will scold me and stop letting me out with my friends but he explained things to me very calmly and was so inspiring to me. SO he is my hero who actually saved my life from becoming a hell!


In the above stick figure, there are two people who are talking to each other in a very polite manner.

I was so used to watching horror movies before sleeping that it just became my habit and at late night is used to be so scared that all the scenes of ghosts would flash into my head due to which I could just barely sleep. I used to believe that someone is following me or someone is just near me. It was very hard for me to recover through it but with the help of my mom and believe in god I just made through it1


The above stick figure is very scared and could just feel of the ghosts surrounding him.

Before taking this course I used to be very confused about a lot of stuff and had a lot of things going in my head at a time. But after taking this course, I have become very calm and composed and I am now able to make quick decisions about what is to be done and what not!

Before and after this course

The stick figure is very confused before and has many things going on in mind at a time but afterwards it’s just happy and calm.