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first section of paper shows two textbooks and a stick figure estimating the time to read them. The second half of the paper shows an open text book with a page of notes and flash card, multiple clocks and a stick figure with an open mouth

Before/After taking this course

At the beginning of term I underestimated how long it would take to do things, such as read textbooks, take notes and create material to study with. After…

a roasted chicken, bag of chips, an apple and a banana in between the banners \

Google vs Psychinfo

I feel that Google is to a grocery store (where all of the information is spread out and you need to work to find the peer reviewed articles)…

A sleeping person in bed receives a text. The next frame shows them awake, looking puzzled at their phone.


I have a bad habit of being half awake when I receive texts while I’m sleeping. I then go back to sleep and “dream” what the text says,…

Two figures stand at a fork in a trail, surrounded by trees with question marks above their heads. At the base the of mountain a map sign is visible.

Epic research fail

I was hiking with a friend who asked me to take a picture of the map before we set off up the mountain. It wasn’t until we were…

View from inside car as it drives down road with a dead cell phone on dash, passing car and road sign can be seen. In the next frame someone gets an exciting thought to turn left at the gas station

Stuff happens!

I was leaving a camping trip and my phone was dead. At first I thought I was lost but then I saw a sign for a gas station…

A stick figure sends an anonymous letter to another, which brings a smile to their face


While in high school I sent a motivational Valentine to my friend’s little brother who was going through a tough time.

Glass of water, a clock and a stick figure sleeping with a thought/dream bubble filled with sunshine and butterflies

Myth about humans

I was told by my parents that if you drank a glass of water before bed you would have good dreams (and on the flipside, if you did…