7 Comics Tagged "CAP.ALEJD"

A man stands proudly in top of a giant book. The sun is shining proudly in the back.


Dr. J’s psych class has been amazing, not only to learn about psychology but specially to learn about ourselves and different techniques that can help us become better….

A frustrated man stands in front of a car with a flat tire. The sun is looking at him with a surprised face.


Found myself with a flat tire. When I went to get the tools to change it there were nowhere to be found… quite the day, to be honest!

A sad man stands outside his powerless home


Payed my power bill through the app but somehow it wasn’t registered in their system. The co. cut my power and didn’t reconnect us for a whole two…

A man lays in bed with insomnia thinking about numbers.


Often times, when I’m stressed, I suffer from insomnia. When this happens, I lay in bed for hours just thinking about my problems and how to solve them…

A frustrated man stands in front of a long line of people.


I was meant to research how to do online check-in for a flight. Failed to do so and ended doing a 2+ hour line just to do what…

A man wearing a crown stands defiantly atop of the world.

Myth About Humans

Humans believe that they’re the ruling species of the world and entitled to do with it whatever they want. But that is not the case and the world…

A man looks proudly at a couple of happy children receiving a musical instrument.


I got the opportunity to anonymously give a couple of children some musical instruments. The amazing thing is that I got to watch their faces as they received…