5 Comics Tagged "CAP.ADANK"

A stick figure is meditation with headphones on and a phone in one hand, various symbols in a thought bubble over his head organizing themselves into straight lines.

Before/After taking this course

It was a bumpy road but my thoughts are doing better than they used to.

A circular flow chart showing the variables of my study (measured and unmeasured) reinforcing each other.

Step #5 – Results

A circle depicting the variables Meds (Medication) and meditation both reinforcing better anxiety, which reinforces productivity, which encourages meditation.

left side (GOOGLE): a bag of chips, a fountain drink, and a candy bar; right side (PSYCINFO): an apple, some vegetables, and organic oats.

Google vs PsycInfo

Our team’s analogy for Google vs. PsycInfo is convenient fast-food against healthy raw ingredients. Going to 7/11 or McDonalds for something to eat is easy and satisfying, just…

A stick figure kid is staring across at a broken mirror. A thought bubble reveals that he is thinking \

Myth About Humans

As a kid I was mildly traumatized by the notion that breaking a mirror could bring seven years bad luck. I think this impression originated from Winnie-the-Pooh, or…

A much shorter stick figure is holding their umbrella up to protect two much taller stick figures from the rain.


My friend and I were travelling through Vancouver and it started raining when we weren’t dressed for it. A tiny elderly lady held up her umbrella so that…