Epic Research Fail

I googled a cake recipe and wanted to surprise my friends with a homemade cake. Since I didn’t have any bakery measure tools on hand, I decided to go for a spontaneous baking style.
And as she described, if the hell has a taste, that should be it.

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Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: A cake that seems falling down from a plate

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  1. Parneet Sidhu

    OH NO! I hope your cake still tasted a little nice. I LOVE your comic.

  2. That was an excellent way to tell a story. I love your last line! Hahaha. Your drawing skills are superb. I imagine your face after you tasted it. Hey, at least you tried. It is the thought that counts.


    Your cake looks yummy from the comic! As long as it has sugar in it, your dessert should not taste that bad!


    That was such a cute gesture to express your love. It is so nice of you that you tried and I hope you bake her the best cake she will ever have.

  5. jaskiran singh

    I love the drawing of the cake.. looks really yummy.. making me hungry haha.. but I hope you still managed to taste it somehow

  6. Muskanpreet Kaur

    I hope your friends had liked your cake. I LOVE IT

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