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I have a picture of a stick figure sleeping in his bed happy with a clock on the top right corner on 9 and on the top left corner having a number with 7+ meaning I would be sleeping for more than 7 hours everyday for

Get Cape

I decided to draw this because this is what I will be trying to do for my practice which is sleeping no later than 9 or a little…

A figure with a question mark on her head is looking at a map on the laptop screen.

Epic Research Fail

One time I was doing a research and I forgot that different countries could have the same city names. I ended up researching information about another place and…

Coming out of the parking lot and not being able to find my car

Epic Research Fail

There was a time when my friend and I went to Metrotown and the underground parking lot is huge. It took us 20 minutes to find our car.

the superstition that money should be given with 1 additional dollar rather than an even number

Myth about humans

A superstition my family believes is that when you’re gifting money you should give the amount plus 1 additional dollar for good luck, so you should ideally receive…

A basketball


Days after buying a basketball hoop a basketball rolled upon my front lawn and I saw it there and I took it.

Two stick figures talking

Myth about Humans

When I was younger I was told if you swallow gum its going to stay in your body for 7 years.

To the left of the image, a person is sitting on the ground and somebody jumps over that person. To the right, it is a short person surrounded by tall peopl.

Myth About Humans

When I was younger, I was told that when somebody walks over you or jumps over you, it stunts your growth. Apparently, that is why I’m short now….

stick figure person is worried because they accidentally swallowed a chewing gum which according to a myth presented on the TV means that if someone swallows a chewing gum it will stay in their stomach for seven years.

Myths about Humans

One day, I accidentally swallowed a chewing gum and got worriedwhich according to a popular myth means that it would stay in my stomach for 7 years.

a person stuck in elevator freaking out and customers helping the person to calm her down and make sure shes okay!


I got stuck in the elevator and customers were helping me because i was scared

Myths about human

Snakes dream

There’s a myth that if we see snakes 🐍 in our dreams, it indicates problems and uncertainties in our life.Snakes dream tell you to face your fears.

Person continuously moving feet

Myths about humans

There are are two people in the house and one of them is moving his feet continuously. So the other person ask him not to do that because…

Man is walking towards ladder


Walking under a ladder is bad luck.

stick people looking at surprised stick person reacting to Christmas gift


In my comic is my cousins surprising me with a gift for Christmas. We used to secret Santa almost every year since we were kids and one Christmas…

A stitck person laying dead in coffin but his hair and nails are still growing after the death.

Myths About Humans

In this comic, I have tried to show a myth that I have heard a lot that when humans die their hair and nails still grow. It is…

One stick person giving the other stick person a gift from her first salary.


So in this comic I tried to portray me giving a Christmas gift to my mom from my first ever salary. Last year I started doing part time…


One day I saw a beggar.he was hungry and asking for food.then I anonymously helped the person with food.

a person is extremely delighted upon receiving gifts that are bouquet, a coffee mug and a few chocolates

making someone happy

Someone i knew wasn’t happy about not having much friends as they’d to shift their place due to educational reasons. So I anonymously sent them gifts which included…

Different ideas makes the real productivity.


When different people focus together they make huge productivity and comes with new and different ideas.

Difference between Teamwork and Independent work


The power of teamwork is very high as many individuals with different ideas and opinions work together on a same goal to achieve higher success. Whereas its very…

Stick figure person is holding the door for another stick figure person.


When I am out at a store or when I am entering or leaving a building in general (that does not have an automated door), I usually try…